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Greg R
I don't know where these guys have been my entire life, but I want to thank my lucky stars I finally found
them. After moving yearly for the past 7 years(just like "march of the penguins"), I have grown accustomed
to EVERYTHING move related. I've tried it all, whether it be moving myself, hiring guys just for
loading/unloading, and full service moves. And if anyone else out there has the luck I have, something,
usually multiple things, inevitably go wrong. Well not this time!! Eric and Alex were hands down the best
movers I have ever had the joy of working with, and I have been literally gushing about them to anyone and
everyone I know(even to a stranger I overheard talking about moving). Their professionalism from my first
email to phone calls and all the way to the final handshake was just overwhelming. These dudes even went
back(off the clock) to my old house to grab a box of cat toys I had mistakenly put out for the garbage men
to take. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for better guys to handle my belongings. Plus, they're from Boston,
and my 2 favorite teams in baseball are the Redsox, and whoever beats the Yankees! :) Thanks again
guys, you're the best!!

Abe F
Their name is to be taken literally.  These dudes came and just didn't stop.  And nothing broke.  Probably
because they took care to blanket and tape the things that needed it.
Turns out we had way more stuff than they anticipated and therefore took 2 hours longer than estimated.  
But they felt so bad that they tried to charge us less.  We wouldn't have any of it.
In sum, these guys are nice, honest, and hardworking.  Their rate was $90/h, which seemed very
competitive.  But you can't put a price on honesty and sincerity, can you?  Especially with your stuff.  That's
what I say.

Pete L
When My partner and I decided to move, we were scared of moving all our pricey furniture and priceless
art, but Can't Stop Movers really took the fear out of it. They were very careful with all of our things, and
somehow managed to fit all of our nice stuff AND crap into their truck, even though we never thought they
could. They chatted us up while they worked, making us feel at ease, but not just padding their pockets
because they were working by the hour. They actually came in under their estimated time by over an hour,
even though we had about a million things we didnt tell them about. Literally, they were running back and
forth to make good time. At one point, after we had been marvelling at their speed and my partner asked
him why they hustle so hard, Eric replied that they'd rather make us happy then make an extra $20. That
more or less summed up the attitude of Eric and his business partner Alex; they are 2 guys who enjoy what
they do, take the extra time to make you feel comfortable, and still bust their asses *pardon the language*
to make the customer happy. And believe me, we will be referring everyone we know to these guys,
because they rock. And just in case I haven't made it clear, their motto: "We can't until the job is done right"
is DEAD ON! We think everyone should take them for drinks after the move too, because they're very funny
and interesting guys, and who couldn't go for a beer after a long day of watching someone else slave over
your stuff!?!

Elisabeth B
When my mother-in-law died, I needed someone to move her seven-piece bedroom set and called Alex at
Can't Stop Movers.  It was winter, and shortly after we arrived, it became dark in the apartment because the
electricity had been turned off!!!!!  Alex did not bat an eyelash or halt the moving process for even a
minute.  He took out his flashlight and continued wrapping the furniture with those nice thick moving
blankets and even dismantled the bed by flashlight.  When I unpacked the pieces in the daylight the next
day, I did not find one scratch or dent.  The move was done perfectly, quickly and just as importantly,
cheerfully despite the dark.  It was actually inspiring!

Jason W
I had a 1000 sq ft house packed with stuff, including a really heavy bed, dresser set, enormous bookcases,
and elliptical, plus the usual stuff, including ~65 boxes. The distance from the old place to the new place
was about half an hour. All the heaviest stuff had to go to the furthest room on the second floor of our new
house. From start to finish it took the two guys 6 hours, with nothing broken, dinged, or dropped - pretty

The next time we move, or need something large delivered, they will be my default option.

Beth S
Hire these guys!  I had a small move but they treated me and my stuff like I was a big customer - they were
SO friendly and SO conscientious with my stuff - strapping, padding, carrying. Wonderfully efficient and
very competitively priced. They seem to really like their work and to like people.  Very professional and
helpful.  I look forward to being able to hire them again!

Shelly & John
You guys were awesome yesterday! So I wanted to send you a review to post (ok & I am also avoiding
putting anything away right now J)
“Picture this: Two organized people buy a house & have the plans in place to move out of their skanky
rental house. Can’t Stop Moving has agreed to do the move & all parties are happily awaiting the closing
date. But WAIT! Psycho landlords decide to sell their rental & decide to kick the awesome renters out in 10
Eric from Can’t Stop Moving steps in to save the day! They move the date up no prob, show up with 3 very
strong young men & cheerfully move 3x the boxes indicated on the original quote. They were pleasant,
professional & a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Can’t Stop Moving to anyone who asks!
And they love animals – what’s not to like?
Shelly & John”
Hope your business continues to do well Eric – you’re doing a great job!

Michael H

Let me just start by saying I was slightly skeptical after reading all the "fantastic" 5-point reviews.  I really did
not think it was possible that a moving company could be so well respected and so well received.  I recently
moved to Seattle from LA and had an OK moving experience.  After trudging through a "long distance"
move only 11 months prior I was NOT looking forward to moving AGAIN!  And we all know moving SUCKS!  
Can I say it again, "MOVING SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS!"
So, here is where the "OMG" comes into place; I think these guys were actually sent from God himself!  I
have never met a nicer, more cool, easy going, fast, organized, strong (and I mean strong) set of guys
(movers) ever.  I recommend these guys to everyone in Western Washington who needs to move.  We just
moved into our new place and we would consider moving again because these guys made it so easy.
Thank you to both Alex and Eric... we love you guys and wish you nothing but great success in all you do.  
It is a shame that there are not more moving companies out that that share the same work ethic and drive
that you two have!  
PS...DO NOT let the fact that there are only two of them scare you.  These two are beasts... they made me
tired just watching them move EVERYTHING without a problem.

I can't say much that hasn't already been said here. The guys were more than jolly, never stopped, and
were reasonably priced. Only one thing was damaged, but that was more due to the piece being old and
unpredictable, and it has already been fixed.

Nothing was a problem for them, including a change in plans as far as what we were having them move. I
would recommend them to anyone, and will be using them next I move.

Holly A
All the five star reviews are no joke -- these guys provide a really good service. They're both really pleasant
and courteous and very hard-working. They moved my stuff from Kenmore to Eastlake a couple of weeks
ago, and they made the move a million times easier than if I'd gone the U-Haul route. They were cool about
a last-minute booking request, charge a very competitive rate, and rounded off the billed time in my favor.
Unlike what I'd read about a lot of moving companies, these guys are not shady at all. I will be calling them
again for my next move, and would recommend them to my friends.

Francesca M
Five stars people. For movers. And it sounds like we all know how shifty, shady and downright sh*tty moving
can be. So if you're ready for a totally trustworthy, fluid, fast-yet-careful, and (I'll say it) joyful moving
experience, do yourself a favor and HIRE THESE GUYS.

It's always mystified me that in a land where customer service is king, "movers" fell under this charmed
category where they were absolved of accountability. Why is that ok? It's not, and I decided this time, thrifty
as I am, that I would find an accountable outfit. I called 3 highly-recommended companies, one which sent a
representative over with a clip board to audit and estimate my move (thoughtful, but in the end... too
fastidious for my 1 bedroom apartment move. I don't have a full home of antiques.) And while I'm sure all
three companies would've done me right, these guys won me over with their east-coast directness and their
Boston friendliness. They sounded like they've done this a lot, they answered all my questions, and they
instilled confidence. I felt good about my choice.

On move day, Alex and Eric got it DONE and done right. They showed up on time, and within seconds the
boxes were piling up in the truck. And while speed is great, if they worried about squeezing a nice wood bed
frame down a stairwell because they're philosophically against "jamming" wood against wood to see which
will give first (hello broken frame), they took the time to disassemble it (i believe it was a 10 minute effort)
and reassemble on the other side. How wonderful is that? {I can tell you whoever jammed my bed frame UP
the stairwell--a move i did n*o*t organize nor oversee--didn't give it the same respect... I'd been wondering
how those awful sideboard scratches got on there.} With these guys, there were no random scratches on
any piece of furniture, nothing broke, and everything happened on time and on estimate. And they were

If you want to hire people off the street, do it. If you'd like a pair of responsible, respectful, young, strong,
honest, tireless guys showing up and aiming to please, with tons of experience and a wonderful working
relationship, line it up with Can't Stop Moving and enjoy your move!

(I recommended these guys to a friend moving that same week. Her move took 13 hours, for she actually
does have a home full of antiques, and she too was head over heels about how smoothly it all went and the
quality of their work. That's saying something!)

Eric and Alex did a great job moving my stuff. I had some large pieces, including a huge antique dresser
that they moved easily and without any dings or scratches. Great job! I've moved several times in the
Seattle area over the past 13 years and I've used different movers each time because I've never been
satisfied. I would definitely call Eric and Alex again.

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