Can't Stop Moving was founded in 2009 by two gents from Boston looking for
something new and exciting. After working at moving companies back east, we decided
that there was a better way to communicate, organize, and help customers than the
methods used by the majority of movers . We will guarantee satisfaction in every facet of
your move, while having fun in the process.

Our team of dedicated movers will be there to assist you in any job ranging from a one
man crew for some light work up to a 5 man team for the largest and longest jobs. We
know that your time is very valuable, and that is why the Can't Stop team hustles from start
to finish.

In September of 2014, after almost 5 1/2 years of running the Emerald City's most
reputable moving company, Alex decided that it was time to move back home, closer to
family, and start a new branch of CSM in Boston. The idea was to bring the same hard
work, determination, and level of customer service that the Seattle community has come
to expect from us, and grow our business in a new(but familiar) city.

Also, we keep it simple. The more we have, the more you pay. Our overhead costs are
minimal, allowing us to be competitive in our rates on moves and supplies. You won't find
any secretaries or  customer service reps here. Have a question? Speak to the owner. A
problem, concern, or accolade? Speak to the owner. Booking a job? You guessed it,
speak to the owner. Our hands-on approach eliminates communication breakdowns and
enhances our customer service. We are available 7 days a week, and no question or
concern is too small.

Planning your Move:        
Before your move, we are happy to provide you with an estimate over the phone, or if you
would like, an on-site estimate to ensure greater accuracy. If you aren't familiar with the
logistics of packing and organizing, we can help guide you through the process, making
life a little bit more bearable during the stresses of packing up your apartment, condo, or
house. On request, we can provide you with our moving checklist, to ensure that even the
smallest details are taken care of, easing the  transition to your new home. We confirm all
details the day before your big move, ensuring that there are no snags, while giving you
peace of mind knowing that we are ready to help with your move.

On move day, we are there for you
on time and ready to go. Morning, noon, or night, our
team is chipper and excited to work for YOU! After a quick orientation of your home, our
professionals get to work, and like the name implies, we can't stop moving until the job is
done, and done right. You will have a team leader on-site at all times, giving you a
personal point of contact for any questions, problems, or concerns that need to be
addressed on move day. And it doesn't stop there....

Even after your move, we want to make sure you are happy. You will receive follow-up
either by phone or email, ensuring that your move went smoothly, and more importantly,
that you are completely satisfied. There are many things that can be overlooked in the
whirlwind of a large move, and we can offer further assistance with any needs that may
arise after the move, whether it be the next day, week, month, or year.
PO Box 27349
Seattle, WA 981
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